The Name Behind

Minimally Invasive Dental Care

Mi dental means “My dental” in Spanish… And the phonics “mi”  relates to “beauty” and “beautiful” in Korean.

Beyond that,
M I are acronyms for minimally invasive – So.. What does that mean? Well, it can be misleading as in terms of understanding as minimal work on teeth? But that’s not what it really means. Mi Dentistry embraces all aspects of the profession as routine procedures with a concept of a “systematic respect for the original natural tooth and tissue”.  It does not suggest that we make small fillings or remove wisdom teeth without symptoms. MI dentistry is the concept of preservation of natural teeth by preventing disease, seizing its progress, removing damaged tissue and replacing it with as little tissue loss as possible. The concept bridges the traditional gap between surgical procedures and preventive care. Mi Dental strives to provide the care that modern dentistry needs today for a healthier smile. Contact us to find out how we can help!

The Alkaline Water

Alka Power™

Our office have Alkaline Water

We are proud to announce our office uses alkaline water during treatment which includes but not limited to teeth cleaning, fillings, and restorations. AlkaPower™ is all Natural Ionic drinkable alkaline water of stable and safe 9-10pH.

Through extensive research and development,  AlkaPower™ has patented filtration and infused calcium system that delivers pure ionic calcium alkaline water that tastes great while hydrating better and faster than typical filtered or bottled water.

What this means to you in dentistry?

The acidity in our mouth caused by a combination of many if not all: bacteria, sugar, processed foods, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, dehydration, some medications, smoking, recreational drugs, dry mouth from other complications; all these can deteriorate our oral health causing bad breath, cavities, and gum disease. Alkaline water helps our mouth together with saliva to neutralize the excessive acid to retain a normal pH balance.

Completely Safe to Drink

It contains no harmful ingredients, calories or preservatives – Just great all natural water that is specially infused to have the highest, most stable pH level available. The Ingredients: Filtered Natural Alkaline Water with Ionic Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Traces of Sodium. For more information, visit the sites:

Alkapower USAlkapower AU

Patient Satisfaction Guaranteed

Personalized Care to Suit Your Specific Needs

At Mi Dental, our team of professionals provide patients with the best quality services for all their dental needs. We believe in understanding the root of each patient’s dental concerns through a carefully systematic and personalized approach. We aim to minimize confusion by providing straightforward information regarding diagnosis and treatment.


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