Our Team

Briana is the front office coordinator in charge of administrative work and organization of the office. She coordinates the schedule for patients, staff and doctors and prepares the office to start and end the day smoothly. At every visit in our clinic, let Briana manage your administrative needs from insurance information, making appointments, and follow-ups. As organized and communicative she is, she can help you answer your questions through the phone 213-274-0650 and email at midentalla@gmail.com.

Briana NavidadFront Office Coordinator

Vanessa is one of our assistants whom will always make you feel comfortable, she likes to interact and communicate with patients. She will help you with x-rays and images, and prepare for exam and treatment setting. As motivated and attentive she is, she acts as the mediator assisting staff, patients and doctors to go through each dental visit in a smoother way. If you have any questions or concerns you may have during the procedure, she will guide and help you out. Vanessa values her work and patients as well.

Vanessa AparicioDental Assistant

Josselyn chose her career in the dental field by enjoying and taking pride of what she does. Her positive and delightful attitude provides a welcoming environment at work and will make sure you walk out with a smile on your face. She is in charge of taking radiographs, assisting doctors, and helping patients go through the dental visit in an efficient and pleasant way. If you have any concern regarding treatment, or follow ups, let Josselyn know; she will make sure anything you want the office to know is communicated and delivered.

Josselyn PlateroDental Assistant

A calm and diligent attitude goes a long way with Amelia. She is very organized and meticulous at her job and daily life. Amelia has many years working as an experienced dental assistant. Being a veteran in the field of dentistry, she can be very informative and frank to patients for dental education and dental care. She is in charge of back office, trains new assistants and assists patients and doctors in every step of the way during consultation and treatment to be as professional and comfortable as possible.

Amelia SolorioFloor Supervisor / Head Assistant

Skill, accountability and diligence are what Aryana values the most and conveys those principles through her work as well. She is highly knowledgeable and can inform you through each process taking radiographs, cleaning while assisting doctors. Being well informed can be comforting, let Aryana help you answer questions about procedures, dental care, oral hygiene, treatment and post-op instructions.

Aryana ZamanifarDental Assistant/Hygenist

Mariela is in charge of office coordination and management. She received her education in dental assisting, worked as a front office coordinator for many years, and became clinic manager. As adept and accountable she is, Mariela incorporates her experience and knowledge to bring together harmonious team work, evaluates objectives and office flow and operation. She delegates responsibilities supervising staff, and handling the schedule for patients, staff and doctors by thorough updates and communication. Let Mariela help you organize with the transition of treatment planning, continuing dental care and support you through the process.

Mariela CruzOffice Manager

Dr. Jae Hoon Lee is a dedicated and accomplished dentist whose passion for dentistry was cultivated through rigorous academic training at USC studying Human Biology and Health Care Studies for their undergraduate studies and subsequently graduating at NYU College of Dentistry. With a solid foundation from two prestigious institutions, Dr. Jae has honed his skills in providing exceptional dental care, combining cutting-edge techniques with a compassionate patient-centered approach. His expertise spans a wide array of dental procedures, from routine check-ups and cleanings to intricate restorative work and cosmetic enhancements.

Dr. Jae Hoon LeeGeneral Dentist

Dr. Thomas is a dedicated dentist with a strong educational background. He earned his undergraduate degree from UCLA, where he studied molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Driven by his fascination with science and healthcare, he went on to complete his dental education at UCSF, a top 3 dental school in the country. With a passion for improving oral health and a commitment to providing quality care, Dr. Thomas continues to serve his patients with expertise and compassion. He specializes in crowns, fillings, root canals, dentures, extractions and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Thomas BillGeneral Dentist

Dr. Natalia Lee was born and raised in the city of Buenos Aires. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at UCLA in 2006 and her Doctor of Dental Surgery diploma from New York University Dental School – one of the oldest and top 10 dental school in the US. As much as she is careful and gentle to her patients, she strives for excellence with continuing education and training. As an advocate of wellness and natural healing, Dr. Lee's aspires for higher standard in health with multifaceted system of care.

Dr. Natalia LeeGeneral Practitioner

Dr. Min Lee grew up in Los Angeles, California, graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology with exceptional grades which led him to continue his education to a higher level. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University where he developed his career goals concentrating on both adults and children dental care. He dedicates to provide his patients with the most personalized treatment plan for each individual case.

Dr. Min H LeeGeneral Practitioner

Dr. Frydman, DDS, received both his Bachelors and his Dental degrees from University of California, Los Angeles, and completed his specialty residency at the Advanced Periodontology Program at University of Southern California. He is currently a full-time Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry in the Division of Periodontology and the Division of Restorative Sciences at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC. His expertise is focused on periodontitis, implants, periodontal surgery, full-mouth reconstruction with advanced treatment planning.

Dr. Alon FrydmanPeriodontist, Specialist